Court of Lazarus

October 21, 2018 @ 9:00 pm – October 22, 2018 @ 1:00 am
Top Bar - Madame X
94 W Houston St
New York, NY 10012

A Metropolitan Vampire Society
New York’s Original Salon Noir!

Ladies and gentlemen of the Court of Lazarus,

I’m glad to announce our 203rd Court will be held on Sunday, December 16th 2018. Join us for an evening of decadence in darkness. Here’s what to expect for this month’s Court.

DJ Shain Spins for the Court
The ever-talented DJ SHAIN (Memento Mori) will be spinning goth and dark wave music throughout the evening. Always searching for something strange and unusual, he is sure to delight us in dark music.

Conclave: 2018 in Review
Whether you were present for one or all this year’s conclaves, we would like to hear more from our Citizens and Guests for the coming year. Would you like to discuss more on hexes and curses? Or are you interested in taking part in a magical panel? Join us as we review the previous conclaves of 2018 and have your voices heard.

Saturnalia Solstice Ritual
Conducted by yours truly, REGENT VALKYRIE, we will be bringing in the holiday during our Saturnalia Solstice ritual. As the name implies, the ritual is dedicated to letting loose our inhibitions along with the Roman Deity, Saturn. Let the festivities begin this month.

Dark Holiday Raffle Basket
As always, the Court will have a spectacular selection of items of the sharp and boozy variety held within this month’s Raffle basket. Only two dollars is needed to win it all!

Additional Important Info and Rules of our Court are as follows:
• Doors open at 7pm. Court officially begins at 9 pm on the main floor. Feel free to come early and satiate your appetite with potions of the alcohol variety.
• Main floor admission is free for Citizens and Guests
• Open to those 21 and older (with valid ID)
• Gothic formal dress is expected and required. All-Black Attire is also acceptable. Extravagance is always appreciated!

With Love and Loyalty,
Angelika Valkyrie
Regent of the Court of Lazarus
Order of the Black Marble
Ordo Arcana Imperii