Court of Lazarus

July 17, 2022 @ 9:00 pm – July 18, 2022 @ 1:00 am
Main Lounge - Madame X
94 W Houston St
New York, NY 10012

Join us for The 240th Court of Lazarus!

A Metropolitan Vampire Society
New York’s Original Salon Noir!

Ladies and gentlemen of The Court of Lazarus,

It is my pleasure to announce our 240th Court will be held on Sunday, January 16th 2022 IN-PERSON AT MADAME X! Join us at our newly renovated Haven for an evening of darque music and darker discussion. Here’s what to expect for this month’s Court:

Invocation of the Morrigan by Citizen Jennifer Bobbe: At the peak of shadowtime, in the light of the waning moon, we turn to the fierce Dark Goddess of the Celts for protection and healing. Join the formidable Citizen Jennifer Bobbe as she guides us in a dark ritual that will guide us into the new year.

Conclave: Dark Poetry Recitations: This month, Council, Citizens, and Guests alike are encouraged to bring along some of their most beloved dark and gothic poetry to recite for the Court.

DJ Asherah spins for the Court: This month the Regent will be trying her hand at providing tracks to delight your senses. Send me requests!

Dark Harbinger Raffle Basket:  Enter for a chance to win a raven themed basket brimming with arcane and alcoholic delights. At only $2 a ticket, you can’t afford to not cast your lot for this this extravagant basket!

Additional Important Info and Rules of our Court are as follows:
• Court officially begins at 9 pm on the Main floor. Doors open at 7pm, feel free to come early and satiate your appetite with potions of the alcoholic variety. Remember to tip generously!
• Main floor admission is free this month for both Citizens and Guests.
• Open to those 21 and older (with valid ID)
•Gothic formal dress is expected and required. All-Black Attire is also acceptable. Court of Lazarus will be adhering to mask protocol as enforced by venue. Extravagance is always appreciated!
• Photography and videography are STRICTLY PROHIBITED in all areas of New York’s Original Salon Noir.

I look forward to seeing you all there!


With Love and Loyalty,
Regent of the Court of Lazarus
Order of the Black Marble