Court of Lazarus

September 18, 2022 @ 9:00 pm – September 19, 2022 @ 1:00 am
Top Bar - Madame X
94 W Houston St
New York, NY 10012

Join us for The 241st Court of Lazarus! – 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY


A Metropolitan Vampire Society
New York’s Original Salon Noir!

Ladies and gentlemen of The Court of Lazarus,

It is my pleasure to announce our 241st Court which is our 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY will be held on Sunday, February 20th 2022 IN-PERSON AT MADAME X! Join us at our newly renovated Haven for an evening of darque music and darker discussion. Here’s what to expect for this month’s Court:

LEX and The Cult of Spirits performs The Blood Suite

Summoning the Cult of Spirits from their unearthly realm, the seductive siren song of LEX once more graces our Court. Prepare yourself to be ensnared by the primal invocation by the lithe and graceful movements of the fay Cult. LEX and the Cult of Spirits will awaken your most feral hunger.

DasKreestof spins for the Court

Making his inaugural debut at Lazarus, DasKreestof is an Industrial DJ and Industrial musician from New York. DasKreestof is best known for spinning at DefCon, Stimulate, Contempt, Zenwarp, Digital Murder, MI7, and spinning events during GothCruises 6 through 15. During the C19 pandemic DasKreestof created the Thursday night Industrial stream “Spite Club” which has attracted over 1,100 followers and has been a resident for the Stimulate_NYC streams.  

Swordplay by Regent Emeritus Lord Malackai and Lady Dana Pain

Behold the stunning synchronicity of the blades of two of Lazarus’ beloved Citizens as they display their mastery and reverence for the blade. Don’t blink, lest you miss the furious and fluid exchange of passion! Deadly? Just maybe. Buy them a drink after the demonstration and maybe they will show you a thing or two.

Lupercalia Ritual with Hierophant Enrico and Regent Asherah

Join us in invoking guardian deities of Roma in a Lupercalia rite to purify our Court, promote good health, and stimulate fertility. Do bring your wine to this ritual, as we will drink deeply in a rite where we build heat through the delicious friction of duality.

Bacchanal Raffle Basket

This month’s basket is full to the brim of all manner of occult and aphrodisiac delights. Be sure to purchase a good share of tickets for this debaucherous drawing. Stop by the greeting table to purchase $2 tickets from Lady Ria and Xander.

Additional Important Info and Rules of our Court are as follows:
• Court officially begins at 9 pm on the Main floor. Doors open at 7pm, feel free to come early and satiate your appetite with potions of the alcoholic variety. Remember to tip generously!
• Admission is $10 this month for both Citizens and Guests.
• Open to those 21 and older (with valid ID)
•Gothic formal dress is expected and required. All-Black Attire is also acceptable. Court of Lazarus will be adhering to mask protocol as enforced by venue. Extravagance is always appreciated!
• Photography and videography are STRICTLY PROHIBITED in all areas of New York’s Original Salon Noir.

I look forward to seeing you all there!

With Love and Loyalty,
Regent of the Court of Lazarus
Order of the Black Marble