J. Gregory Coutinho

Originally from Martha’s Vineyard, MA., Greg Coutinho attended the University of Hartford in Connecticut where he graduated cum laude with a BFA in painting. Soon after, he became a member of the Church Street Muse Artists’ Co-op on Martha’s Vineyard Island. His first solo show was held on the island at The Field Gallery. From there he traveled across the country toward San Francisco but was intercepted along the way by New Mexico, where he settled for eight years, residing mostly in Santa Fe. Within his first few months there he exhibited his paintings at Supply Gallery in the bohemian town of Madrid, and became the drummer in a musically eclectic band, performing live at night clubs and recording demos at Santa Fe’s Stepbridge Studios. Building on his artistic experience in Santa Fe, Greg served as class monitor at Valdes Art Studios for the painting and drawing workshops of master artist Anthony Ryder. He was also employed as a sculptor and mold caster for Sculpture Basis Studio, whose projects included major installations to the African American History Museum in Detroit, MI., and the College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend, IN. Not putting aside his passion for dance while in Santa Fe, he also taught breakdancing at Harambe Dance Studio.

Now living in Manhattan, Greg recently exhibited at Art Gotham Gallery’s Square Foot Show in Chelsea and continues to take on commissions for portraits. In his words the experience of painting is one of “attempting to expose the sublime within the mundane, the magnificent within the trivial”, while often simply finding inspiration in “light draped over form” or “the vibration of that which appears still”.