Tracy Von Becker

Tracy von becker was made in germany and hales from syracuse, new york. Her interest in art began as a young child, who was always intrigued by the beauty of women and exotic cultures. She majored in the fine arts at casenovia college, focusing on her passion for larger than life paintings. While residing in syracuse, several establishments commissioned her to create a series of murals throughout the city. One erotic series was done completely out of black light paint. Soon later, ms. Von becker migrated south to new york city where her talent in mixed media blossomed. The precision and attention to detail exhibited in her pieces are rivaled only by the erotic sensuality they possess. Ms. Von becker has been greatly influenced by austrian artist gustav klimt. His use of the female form and hidden symbolism has been the inspiration for several of her pieces including a rendition of klimt’s “the friends” and “rebirth” (2006), that debuted at the katrina relief benefit in nyc. Her travels to vienna and paris have inspired her series, “the delightful delicacies of vienna”. This series portrays the secret life, behind bedroom doors. The private thoughts and the fierce physical abandon we feel when we are alone or with our lover are openly displayed for the viewer. The delicate use of mirror allows the voyeur to secretly participate in the ecstasy. Her latest fascination has been with the misunderstood scorpio marie antoinette. Pieces such as “master and servant i/11”, “question of lust/time” and “star crossed lovers” portray the sensuality, seductiveness and eccentrically daring eye for fashion the young queen possessed. Ms. Von becker is always experimenting with new materials. Her creations contain a wide variety of mixed medias: oil, acrylic, mirror, feather, gold leaf, fabric, crystal and hand stitching of bead work on canvas.