Beer, Cider, Etc.

beer-02Madame X maintains a well-rounded beer menu, including:

Yuengling – Pennsylvania

This traditional amber lager by America’s oldest brewery is smooth, flavorful and very thirst-quenching :: $5

Happy-Go-Lucky, Talea, New York

This local, medium-bodied, hazy IPA expresses aromas of grapefruit, lime, and melon, while serving juicy palate and a complex dry hopped finish. :: $9

Allagash White – Maine

Belgian-style wheat beer with a refreshing balance of citrus and spice, brewed with oats, raw white and malted red wheat lending to the classic hazy appearance. :: $7

Corona Extra – Mexico

A smooth and satisfying lager :: $7


Stella Artois – Belgium

A crisp, classic lager, brewed in Belgium since 1366 :: $7

Nite Lite – Massachusetts

An unfiltered, unpasteurized, all natural, craft light beer that everyone can get excited about. Pale lager style beer, easy to drink, crisp, clean, crush-able. :: $7


Winter Blend, Downeast Cider – Massachusetts

They keep it interesting with toasted oak chips, cinnamon bark, nutmeg, and a little extra kick to help you forget you have to go back outside.
:: $8

Cerveza Atletica – Connecticut

A refreshing Mexican-inspired non-alcoholic Light Copper, made with a unique blend of Vienna and Munich malts and aroma of delicate toasted bread. :: $7

Hard Seltzer

Two Robbers Black Cherry Lemon Hard Seltzer – Pennsylvania

Bold. Adventurous. Notes of delicate sweetness from black cherries, perfectly balanced by brightness of fresh lemons. :: $8