Lauryn Yovino

My name is Lauryn Yovino and I am a freelance illustrator and cartoonist. I am a recent graduate from the School of Visual Arts where I majored in cartooning and illustration. I started out my career as an artist while in high school, making manga inspired do it yourself mini comics. Comics are a beautiful union of words and pictures, and I found myself becoming more and more engulfed in the work of many different comic artists such as: Rumiko Takahashi, Yu Watase, Dan DeCarlo, and Craig Thompson just to name a few. These artists were a big influence in much of my earlier work, however I also found myself very interested in pin up art as well. I love the carefree beauty of it, so I decided to make that more of a focal point in more recent work.

Discovering more traditional illustrators work allowed me to branch out into various different media. While in college I fell in love with silk screen, watercolor, and airbrushing. Many of these new media also allowed me the freedom to experiment with illustration on clothing as well as costume design. Most of my work is created using more traditional methods.

Some of my favorite things to do while I am not making art include: Yoga, playing Nintendo, Karaoke, discovering new and different music, and curling up with a good book.