Touseef Mirza

Touseef Mirza was born in Pakistan, grew up in Montreal, Canada, and presently lives in her beloved New York City. Although Touseef has always been intrigued by the visual arts and comes from generations of family artists, she graduated in the medical sciences. Her analytical and investigative nature coupled with her instinctual yearning of the creative arts has culminated in fine art photography.

About the Work
Touseef lets unexpected surprises lead her toward different directions in her photography as she searches to depict and discover ordinary life subject/images into intriguing viewpoints.

Touseef talks about her current candle photographs called “Flowing Light” showcased at Madame X by saying, “Once I started to shoot the two candles, I let myself go and started to experiment with what I was seeing as I made drastic and sometimes fluid movements with my body and camera. The more I was shooting in a “flowing” way with different possibilities, the more captivating the photographs came to be. It’s like the light had a life of its own.” The results are images that are calming and meditative juxtaposed with fiery sensual light movements.

There is no digital image rendering in these photographs.