Entertaining Options

Although Madame X offers an exceptional setting for parties, sometimes it’s fun to add a little excitement. Here are some options we’re happy to recommend:

Please direct inquiries about these or other entertainment options to Amy McCloskey at (917) 568-9069, as feasibility must be determined in advance.

Burlesque/Boylesque Entertainers

We collaborate with a plethora of all-gender entertainers from mild to wild, from sultry to salacious. Check out our Highlight titled ‘Burlesque’ on our Instagram profile https://www.instagram.com/madamexnyc/ to get a visual of the talent we have access to for your reservation! (Subject to availability, contact Amy – (917) 568-9069 – for details.)

We also have a host of Gogo dancers available – all genders!


Tarot card reading is a form of cartomancy whereby practitioners use tarot cards purportedly to gain insight into the past, present or future. They formulate a question, then draw cards to interpret them for this end. Learn about your love life, your friendships, or even if its worth going back to your silly ex. We have both traditional and unconventional readers available for your next event.

Diva School (Striptease Classes – For Ladies Only!)

Learn the fine art of striptease with the fabulous instructors of DivaSchool. These classes will leave you feeling and moving like the true Diva you are. Learn vivacious entrances, classic floorwork, lapdancing and more.

Cocktail Divas

Cocktail Divas includes a private room, two cocktails per diva and an hour long class that will leave you energized for your evening ahead! $60 per Diva, $50 for groups of 15 or more.

Diamond Divas

This one hour class features the sexy and energetic art of pole dancing in your own private VIP lounge. Included is one bottle of champagne for every three divas, served with an array of tropical juices. $75 per Diva, $65 for groups of 15 or more.

Please note that all Divas must be at least 21 years old. There is a minimum rate of $325 for these events. Parties of five or fewer will be subject to this rate. Parties of six or more meet the minimum.

For more details go to their website: www.divaschool.com, or contact Amy at (917) 568-9069, or by email at divas@divaschool.com

If you’d like to continue the party at Madame X, please let Amy know you’d like to reserve seating after the class. There is no additional charge for this, but it is subject to availability.

Fantasy chocolates for your party

Fabulous, fancy chocolates prepared especially for your event. Pick any combination and they’ll be delivered, freshly made, the day of your party. Delivery is free and tax is included. We’re happy to supply prices for any variation you like.  I once ate a whole shoe. It was delicious. Contact Amy for prices (917) 568-9069

Sugar Wood Naughty Desserts

Sugar Wood will set up a full service Woody Waffle Bar to add the ultimate over-the-top experience to your party.  Waffles are made fresh on site by one of our Sugar Wood teammates, and dipped in decadent sauces for each of your guest…. However deep they want it. We won’t judge.  😉

Sugar Wood’s Woody Waffles are as memorable and funny as they are delicious. Your Sugar Wood experience is sure to be a highlight of the party. Feed your social feed (and your guests) with our decadent, highly Instagrammable desserts. Customizable with additional products and flavors!

Sugar Wood is a full blown phenomenon. Since opening our doors in 2022, people from all over the world have visited our shop to get their mouth on one of our famous Woody or Kitty Waffles, dripping with decadent sauce… and innuendo.

We have many options and add-ons to make the experience truly yours:

*Additional Desserts and Gifts including: Woody & Kitty-shaped Chocolate Bars, Naughty Cookies.

*Custom sauce options: flavors, colors, dietary restrictions

*Custom waffle options: flavors, vegan & non-dairy

Contact Sugar Wood directly at 917-409-7360 (Mention Madame X) or request Sugar Wood information when making your reservation!


Oystertainment is just what it sounds like, and perfect for all kinds of occasions. Add the taste of fabulous oysters to the luxury of having a private oystershucker to open one for you with a flick of their shining silver oyster knife and you will see why their Oystertainment® experiences are so popular with food and entertainment lovers across Europe and the US. Treat your guests to something extra special by booking an Oystertainment session for that upcoming birthday present, friends’ reunion, holiday party, private party or any other event that deserves to be a celebration. We know you’ll find that their concept of Oystertainment® is so unique and appealing that everyone should try it at least once. It really gives your party an extra sensual sparkle.

Visit Red Oyster’s Website for more info & contact information. Tell them Madame X sent you!

Photo Booth Rental

PB Jubilee’s photo booth comes with dozens of unique interface features and 100+ LED animations. It’s a fun and interactive experience that adds magic to any party. After you take your photo or video, you can text or email it to yourself, or opt for prints! Contact them at https://www.pbjubilee.com/ and let them know Madame X sent you!

Projector and screen

Madame X now provides a projector with both RCA and VGA hook ups and a seven foot screen, for films, clips, cool background art or presentations. Show old home movies, funny vacation videos, embarrassing photo montages of your friends! Also good for PowerPoint presentations, screenings, new movie openings, after parties, slide shows, etc. You must provide your own laptop.

If you plan to use sound, this option is only available for those holding the entire second floor private party room.