Host a Party at Madame X

cocktail-girl-3At Madame X our aim is to give you the event you want at a price you can afford. Birthdays, surprise parties, anniversaries, engagement parties, batchelorettes, book signings, launches and more – we offer expert assistance in organizing any event to your specifications and do our best to help make it memorable. Options range from simply holding a cozy couch area for groups of six to 50, to renting one or both of our dramatic private party rooms for groups of up to 150.

Smaller groups can be comfortably accommodated in our main lounge, where seating areas are set up to form an intimate space for your guests to gather. There’s easy access to the garden (open year round and heated in the cooler months) and cocktail service is available. Prices to reserve a seating area range from $0 to $100.

For larger groups, our plush private rooms offer their own distinctive, and seductive, personalities.

The Salon Rouge

The Salon Rouge is replete with red velvet and soft, flattering lighting. An assortment of cozy seating areas glow under candlelight, and secluded corners like our balcony provide an intimate place for smaller groups to gather. Exceptionally suited to celebrations of all sorts, the lounge can accommodate as many as 80 people, but feels comfortable with as few as 50.

The Bedouin Lounge

The Bedouin Lounge is a playful space. The night sky and our secluded garden are on display in the cozy, glass-enclosed atrium, while fun little nooks (one of which must be reached by ladder) invite your guests into a velvet embrace. This area can accommodate up to 60 people.


djThe two rooms are linked by a full bar and events of 90 or more may hold both sides. Although our own DJ can be heard throughout the bar, a separate DJ booth is provided here so that larger parties may bring their own music, and the system is adjustable so that each room can control the sound level for maximum comfort.

If you’d like your event to include other entertainment there is a small stage area available along with wireless microphones and a projector and screen for films or presentations.

Although we do not have a kitchen we have no objection to parties bringing in their own food. We are happy to make recommendations or we can organize it for you for a small additional fee.

Availability and Cost

The spaces are available for private parties seven days a week. Reservation costs can be as low as $0, or as high as $300 per hour (drinks and gratuities not included), depending on the time and day and whether it’s a straight room rental or we’re working with an open bar or bar guarantee (where a certain amount of drink sales must be reached within a certain time). Tell us what you want and we will do our best to make it happen.

The Madame also loves to add to the fun. For details on what else she has to offer, please click here.

For further details, please contact Amy McCloskey at (917) 568-9069.